About Us

We are Geoff and Ashlee Wagner,

a husband-wife, illustrator-writer team. 

Here we are with our two little people, livin' the sea life!

FAQ Time!

Q:  Hey, you guys are weather people right?  Why are you making kids books?

A:  Dude, you're totally right, but the correct term is "meteorologist."  We both earned our BS and MS degrees in meteorology, but reading to our kiddos sparked our creativity in creating children's books. 

Q:  Are you qualified to do that?

A:  Absolutely not.  However, we have been studying the art of making children's books for years, and we continue to work hard, take classes, practice, share and get critiqued as often as we can.  We believe the best qualification is passion, not resume. 

Q:  What do you do for your day job?

A:  Geoff works as a computer programmer for the National Weather Service, and Ashlee "retired" from her meteorologist job a few years back and now teaches and homeschools the kids. 

Q:  What craft organizations are you involved in?

A:  We are members of the SCBWI, Kids Comics Unite and Studio, we are students of the Kids Comics Intensive, and members of a few critique groups. 

Q:  What is your favorite color?

A:  Great question!  Ashlee's favorite color is sunshine yellow - it's so bright and happy!  Geoff's favorite color is aqua.  Probably because of the ocean, which he didn't see until he was 18 years old!

Q:  What's the deal with WagWorksGA?

A:  When deciding on a domain name, we learned that in this craft, it is a good idea to use your name for a website.  But, we both have unusually spelled names.  If someone spelled Ashlee correctly, they may spell Geoff as "Jeff," and that wouldn't work!  Or if they got Geoff right, they might spell Ashley with a "y," which also wouldn't work. 

So, we mashed up our last name, Wagner, with "Works" as in art-works, because we love alliteration.  The G and the A stand for Geoff and Ashlee, or the state we currently reside in, Georgia.


And there it is: WagWorksGA.com !