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Core Toons!

We started the year off right with a creative adventure!

Joining fellow creators Sarah Giles, Ken Rolston, and SJ Winkler, we created Core Toons ( - weekly short comics for kids, grades K-5! It's a place where we as creators can share more of our work, and for readers to enjoy while maybe stretching their learning muscles just a bit!

✏️Core Toons is perfect for teachers to put up in the morning as students trickle into the classroom. The comics and activities posted touch on English, math, science, and we even have a French translation for one of the comic series!

Check them out, leave a ❤️ heart or a comment, and let us know what you want to see next!

Here's our first comic from the ⛅ WeatherWise series.

Click here ( to see what's next!

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