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Our Graphic Novel Work

Here are a few of the projects we are working on, with more on the way!

Carly Cloud
and the Hurricane Heroes

    Fearless and independent 11-year-old meteorologist Carly Cloud is called to help when a dangerous hurricane is predicted to strike the coast! She jets down to Sun Coast to prepare the citizens for the storm, but she didn’t account for her mom arranging her annoying classmate and vlogger, Corey, to tag along.  

    Will this be a forecast for disaster, or will Carly save the day, weatherwise and otherwise?

V for Victory

Don’t dare call her Viviane – it’s much too delicate.  She prefers “V.”  It has just the right amount of edge and ambiguity.  V is into technology – so much so, that she doesn’t pay attention to much else.  Her room is a disaster.  Her homework lays undone.  Her parents are constantly on her case.  But this time, they’ve gone too far: no more screen time if she doesn’t clean her room!  What is V to do?  Hijack some neighborhood robots do the job for her, of course!  Will V’s tech-savvy skills pay off in time, or will she lose the one thing she cares about?

Quiet Forest

Sketches to come

Echo Forest

Charlie Chipmunk loves a good romp through the forest to sneak an extra snack, but acorns are becoming few and far between lately.  One day, a mysterious voice emerges in the forest.  Mom knows best how to keep Charlie safe: Stay in the burrow. Always.  But how can this curious chipmunk stay couped up?  On a super-secret snack mission, Charlie comes face to face with the source of the mysterious voice – to strike an understanding and save the forest animals from hunger!

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