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Our Picture Book Work

Cactus is Content P03 - color new.png

Cactus Is Content

In the desert, Cactus has everything she needs, but her friend, Roadrunner, is on a mission to add pizzazz to her life.  After a few failed attempts by Roadrunner, Cactus shows him the natural beauty in her surroundings, which satisfies her every need.

Here are some of the picture books we created!

Franny Finds Her Freestyle

Franny the Ostrich loves to dance, but her funky fandango frightens the children. Franny must find a way to pursue her passion without drawing negative attention. She discovers the only way to shine is by being your true self.

A spoiled little taco

Little Taco's Search for Sauce

Little Taco is spoiled and sedentary in his fridge but is forced out of his comfort zone when Avocado uses his favorite sauce packet to escape.  In search for his sauce, little Taco pushes through the outside world, to discover that the secret sauce he needed all along was really confidence and adventure. 

Rowan Robot Saves Recess

Rowan Robot's circuit board was made differently.  Sometimes when he talked, BEEP-BOOP-SQUEAKS would get in the way of his words.  Every once in a while, his wires crossed, which caused his robot arms shake. The other bot-lings on the playground avoided him, but when a problem on the playground arose, Rowan's differences made the difference. 

Rowan Sketches 01_edited.jpg
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