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Big Baby!

Updated: May 24, 2021


The idea behind our story dice activity is to get our brains in creative mode. It is not to aim for perfection, or really even a finished product. Sometimes seeing what you can create in a really short time frame can inspire you in unexpected ways.

For example, on this Wednesday, we rolled the dice:

Clock, Baby, House, Snow, & Thought Bubble.

We used the story dice prompts: clock, baby, house and snow, and Geoff made this cute image in under an hour. The baby turned out HUGE, but that is okay. It led to questions like:

Why is the baby so giant?

Is the baby just watching the clock go tick-tock?

Or does the baby know something that we don't?

Is the big baby waiting for a certain time to arrive?

If it is snowing, it must be cold, so why is this massive baby naked?!

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