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October: Trying Something New

Well, the idea isn't new, but the format is new-ish to us. A while ago, we had an idea for a children's book based off our background in meteorology. We kept trying to squeeze it into a picture book format. We shifted it this way, and that, but it just wouldn't work. We thought about attempting an early chapter book, but I really did not want to commit to that much writing! <wink>

Then, it hit us - this story is perfect for a young graphic novel. It already played like a little movie in our heads, so all I had to do was script it out. So much for avoiding all that writing! I had no idea how much fun I would have while writing a script! Loved it!

We are so excited to pitch this project tomorrow at the #KidLitGN Twitter Pitch Event, and I can't wait to start on the other scripts in this series!

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