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The Year of the Tiger

Strength. Courage. Generosity.

These are the traits of the Year of the Tiger, beginning on February 1st. We started celebrating Lunar New Year in 2015 - the year we decided to adopt a child from China. We love to learn about other cultures and celebrations, and over the years, the Lunar New Year festivities have become one of our favorite things. The kids look forward to the feast, the red envelopes, and this year they get new Chinese outfits! Pre-pandemic, we loved going to see the Dragon Dance - and maybe someday, someday, someday we'll see it again.

A year of risk taking and adventure.

For these two Dogs (who are fiercely loyal - to each other and what we set our mind to), we are aiming to face this year with bravery.

Three tigers for you, from Geoff, Ashlee and their daughter, who has been studying Mandarin!

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